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May 26

Russian Federation always goes on Military and Defence Exhibitions and proudly demonstrates its high-precison technology.

There is no doubt that they have such a technology and they are using high-precision technology to kill Ukrainians.

Last 15 months, Russia has been using this high-precision technology to kill civilians in Ukraine.

It is intentional. It is genocide.
They can not hide themselves behind any fake.

Hospital is not a military target.
It is war crime striking health facilities.

Last proof of Russian’s committing genocide in #Ukraine is today’s hospital strike.

Hospital was in #Dnipro in civilian residential area. There were no any military object around.

What we know is that 1 civilian died, 15 civilian injured including 2 children.

armukrainenow by Fighter Jets and more Air Defense Systems before it is getting more late before Russia kills more civilians in Ukraine.

Все буде Україна!
Слава Україні!

standwithukraine #standupforukraine #russianwarcrimes #genocide


Yana Rudenko:

In “russia-Ukraine war”, there is only one side that bombs hospitals

It is just terror for terror’s sake.

23 wounded, 1 killed

standforukraine #standwithukraine



  1. The video proves that Zel’s description of the putinazi pigs as “sick creatures” is too kind.
    They are the worst creatures ever to consume oxygen.

  2. Something that’s at least as sad as such news, is the likelihood that if Ukraine were to bomb even one mafia hospital, school, or kindergarten, the outrage would be heard around the globe. I fail to see outrage to such crimes by mafia land anymore. Not the level of outrage that attacking such structures should warrant. The world has gotten used to the fact that mafia land is an evil, rotten-to-the-core, criminal entity and that such attacks are just plain normal.

    • Yesterday I asked : “would a communique on the following lines have any effect? :
      “You have been murdering, raping and torturing our citizens for almost 10 years. Since last year, you have pursued a policy of pre-planned genocide.
If there are any more such attacks, we reserve the right to respond by attacking you in the same hideously evil way as you do to us at a time of our choosing.”
      The putinaZi genocide gang is famous for its “red lines” and accusations of “escalation.” Thanks to Lloyd Austin repeatedly saying “we won’t be dragged into your war” and his boss saying “we won’t engage with Russian forces; it’s WW3”, the putinazis have been reassured that whatever horrific atrocities they inflict on innocent Ukrainians, it will not provoke a response.
      Never show your hand to psychopaths! FFS!
      It is time for Ukraine to show that she does have red lines and putinaZi war crimes against civilians will now be met be an equally ferocious and lethal response.

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