Zelensky: Absolutely sick creatures dealt a blow to the Dnieper

Vitaly Saenko19:56, 05/26/23

The head of state said that everything possible and impossible will be done to accelerate the supply of more and more quality air defense systems to Ukraine.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stressed that the rocket attack on a hospital and a veterinary clinic in Dnipro was carried out by completely sick creatures. The head of state said this in an evening address to the Ukrainians. 

“During the day, I receive reports on the situation in Dnipro and the elimination of the consequences of another strike. This is a clear atrocity: a Russian missile, ballistics – against a hospital and a veterinary clinic. Absolutely sick creatures,” Zelensky stressed. 

The head of state noted that as of this minute, two people were killed as a result of the strike. “My condolences to the family and friends! The rubble has not been cleared yet. More than 30 people were injured, including two children,” the president said. 

“We will do everything possible, everything impossible, to speed up the delivery of more and more quality air defense systems to Ukraine – this is literally a daily issue for working with partners,” the president said. 

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  1. But, Ukraine must refrain from striking mafia land with our weapons. That’s every bit as sick!

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