Video Shows Challenger 2 Tanks Making Light Work of Russia’s ‘Dragon Teeth’

By Giulia Carbonaro

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense has mocked the “dragon teeth” defensive barricades erected by Russian forces in occupied areas of Ukraine, suggesting that they might not stand against its Challenger 2 tanks.

The Challenger 2 tank in Ukraine’s possession is the U.K.’s main battle tank—a well-tested machine introduced by the British in 1994 and designed to replace the Challenger 1. Its main purpose is to destroy other tanks.

Sharing footage of a Challenger 2 tank plowing through the ground at an unspecified location in Ukraine and dragging the “dragon teeth” along its path, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense tweeted on Thursday: “Challenger 2: If there is such a thing as ‘dragon teeth,’ there must be a ‘dragon dentist.'”

In the clip, the tank can be seen removing some dragon teeth and dragging them along for a few meters at the rhythm of AC DC’s song “Highway to Hell.”

“Dragon teeth” are pyramidal anti-tank obstacles made of reinforced concrete which have been used to impede the movement of tanks and mechanized infantry since World War II. They look like massive teeth sticking out of the ground, exactly as their name suggests.

According to recent satellite imagery of the warzone in Ukraine, Russian forces have been scattering “dragon teeth” across some of the areas of the country which they have come to occupy during the past year in anticipation of what’s been rumored to be an imminent Ukrainian counteroffensive.

Ukrainian soldiers who are undergoing training at Bovington Camp, a British Army military base, pose on top of a FV 4034 Challenger 2 tank, during a visit by Defence Secretary Ben Wallace (unseen), southwest England, on February 22, 2023. Ben Birchall/AFP/Getty

An aerial image recorded by Capella Space, an American space company, and shared by Reuters at the end of April, shows that Russian forces have installed the “dragon teeth” along other fortifications—like anti-tank ditches and troop-manned trenches—built from western Russia through eastern Ukraine and on to Crimea.

But Ukraine appears defiant in the face of Russia’s defenses, as shown by the mocking video shared on Twitter this week.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak promised a squadron—14 vehicles—of Challenger 2 tanks to Kyiv back in January, an announcement which was quickly followed by the training of Ukrainian troops in the U.K.

The tanks were reportedly delivered to Ukraine in late March, and are expected to be used as part of Ukraine’s counteroffensive against Russia, which is believed to be in the works.

In an interview with Japanese broadcaster NHK earlier this week, the head of Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence, Maj. Gen. Kyrylo Budanov, said that the country’s counteroffensive “will start soon.”

“We already have minimum weapons and other equipment stocks in place. I can only say that it will start soon,” he said on Tuesday.


  1. It looks like the orcs wasted millions of dollars producing these concrete blocks. No doubt Putler or one of his mafia henchmen received a nice fat contract to make these Dragon’s teeth, which the Challenger reduced to little more than baby teeth.

  2. Cool! And, at the same time, the Challengers can plow away any landmines in their path.

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