This Week in Ukraine Ep. 9 – What actually happened near Belgorod?

May 26, 2023

The ninth episode of “This Week in Ukraine” features Kyiv Independent senior editor Oleksiy Sorokin, who discusses incursion in Russia’s Belgorod Oblast. “This Week in Ukraine” is a weekly podcast hosted by the Kyiv Independent reporter Anastasiia Lapatina, and is released on YouTube and audio platforms every Friday. (Cover image by Nizar Al-Rifai)

Episode #9 of our weekly video podcast “This Week in Ukraine” is dedicated to the incursion into Belgorod Oblast in Russia by Russian volunteer units fighting on the side of Ukraine.

Host Anastasiia Lapatine is joined by the Kyiv Independent senior editor Oleksiy Sorokin.

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“This Week in Ukraine” is released on YouTube and audio platforms every Friday.
It is edited by Anthony Bartaway and Anna Yakutenko.

“This Week in Ukraine” is a video podcast hosted by Kyiv Independent’s reporter Anastasiia Lapatina. Every week, Anastasiia sits down with her newsroom colleagues to discuss Ukraine’s most pressing issues.

Authors: Anastasiia Lapatinaand Oleksiy Sorokin


  1. I agree that the Belgorod operation has greater implications than Bakhmut, for both nations. However, in terms of losses, Bakhmut was epic. And, it’s hoped by many that there will be bigger operations inside of mafia land. It is possible and there are great achievements to be expected.

    • Its been reported lately that the Moskali are leaving border towns….just after deploying orcs there. I guess they got a whiff of the UA Special Forces showing up. Ah, that meat grinder smell is not exactly inviting…..
      More town for the Russian freedom fighters to occupy I guess.
      Slava Ukraini~~!!!!

      • The more insecure and uninviting the AFU makes the mafia border regions, the better.

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