Russian soldiers hiding in panic: Freedom of Russia Legion reveals video from Belgorod Oblast

26 MAY 2023

The Freedom of Russia Legion published a video of the operation that they had conducted in Russia’s Belgorod Oblast.

Source: statement by the Freedom of Russia Legion

Quote: “The first video summary of our operation in Belgorod Oblast. The footage demonstrates the cowardice and unprofessionalism of Putin’s troops.

While being superior in numbers, acting on the territory they knew, the soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces were panically hiding in landings and under fences. The video contains footage of the shelter of a motorised rifle company in abandoned residential buildings of local residents. “

Details: The video also shows the shelling of the building where the Russian military was hiding, as well as the strikes delivered on their equipment.


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  1. Didn’t expect anything else. The roaches in mafia land behave just like the roaches in Ukraine. They’re just pure, brainless cannon fodder and meat puppets, and nothing else. It would be easy for Ukraine to invade the crap hole.

  2. “The footage demonstrates the cowardice and unprofessionalism of Putin’s troops.”

    They are the best in the world when it comes to attacking schools, hospitals or children’s playgrounds.

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