Johnson discussed Ukraine with Trump: the media learned the details

Yana Stavskaya19:28, 05/26/23

Trump and Johnson have had a difficult relationship while both were in office.

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson discussed “the situation in Ukraine and the vital importance of a Ukrainian victory” with former US President and likely Republican candidate in the next presidential election in 2024, Donald Trump .

According to POLITICO, citing Johnson’s press secretary, the former British prime minister made a trip to America, trying to enlist the support of Ukraine among leading Republicans.

This week, pro-Ukrainian think tanks invited the ex-British leader to a private dinner in Texas, where he told the assembled politicians, donors and industry leaders that America must stay the course in its support for the country.

Trump’s dinner party with Johnson took place on Thursday, and Johnson’s spokesman said talks on Ukraine were “on the menu.” “The Honorable Member of Parliament Boris Johnson met with former President Donald Trump to discuss the situation in Ukraine and the vital importance of Ukraine’s victory,” Johnson’s spokesman said.

The publication notes that Trump and Johnson had a difficult relationship when both were in power. The former US president has referred to Johnson as a “friend” and once called him the “British Trump”, but in recent years the two seem to have drifted apart politically.

Trump told GB News last month that he believes the Johnson administration has taken a “far left” bias.

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