Flash of light over airfield in Russia’s Rostov Oblast: authorities claim missile was shot down

25 MAY 2023

On the evening of 25 May, Vasily Golubev, Governor of Rostov Oblast in the Russian Federation, claimed that the Russian air defence had shot down a Ukrainian missile in the Morozovsk area, where a military airfield is located. 

Source: Vasily Golubev on Telegram

Quote: “The air defence system was activated in the Morozovsk area, shooting down a Ukrainian missile. The military is doing its job. Keep calm.”

Details: The military airfield, which serves as a base for Russian bombers, is located 3 km from Morozovsk.

Earlier, videos showing a flash in the sky in Morozovsk appeared on Telegram. Ukrainian channels reported an “attack on the airfield”.

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