China demanded from Europe that Russia keep the occupied territories of Ukraine – WSJ

Anastasia Pechenyuk16:30, 26.05.23

The European diplomats conveyed three key messages to the Chinese diplomat.

Chinese Special Representative Li Hui, who was sent by Beijing to Europe to promote the Chinese “peace plan” for Ukraine , conveyed to European diplomats a tough demand that Russia should retain the occupied Ukrainian territories. The WSJ writes about this with reference to diplomats in European countries who participated in negotiations with the Chinese representative. 

During the “European tour” Li Hui conveyed a clear message to the Europeans: Europe should call for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine, which would lead to Russia maintaining control over the occupied Ukrainian territories. A Chinese diplomat who visited Warsaw, Berlin, Paris and Brussels called for an end to the war in Ukraine as soon as possible and to prevent its expansion. He also emphasized that US allies in Europe should defend their autonomy and consider China as an economic alternative to Washington. 

However, according to diplomats, Li Hui’s reception was not warm. European officials, in response to Chinese demands, have again questioned Beijing’s ability to broker honestly in any negotiations to end the war. They noted that Europe supports Washington in the opinion that peace in Ukraine cannot be achieved without the withdrawal of Russian troops. Officials also conveyed to Li Hui that European governments were concerned about Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s ties to Vladimir Putin.

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The European diplomats also said they delivered three key messages during their meeting with Lee. They want China to continue to put pressure on Russia to prevent the use of nuclear weapons, refrain from military assistance to the aggressor, and condemn Moscow’s actions. They also asked China to support international efforts to secure the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. 

Diplomats from several countries said they coordinated closely to make sure the Chinese diplomat received the same messages from European allies.

“We explained that freezing the conflict without the withdrawal of Russian troops is not in the interests of the international community,” said the diplomat, who spoke with the PRC representative.

He added that in a conversation with Hui, European diplomats stressed that Europe will not give up its support for Ukraine, and the separation of Europe from America is impossible.

Another diplomat suggested that China “is probably testing the unity of the West and trying to take the initiative.” Another stressed that China’s interests are that Russia does not lose the war and that Moscow refrains from using nuclear weapons.

Li Hui’s “European tour” – what you need to know about the visits of the Chinese Special Representative for the War in Ukraine

In April 2023, Beijing appointed the former Chinese ambassador to Russia, Li Hui, as special envoy to resolve the Russian-Ukrainian war. In May, he made a series of visits to European countries to promote China’s proposed “peace plan” to end military aid to Ukraine. On May 16-17, he visited Ukraine. During meetings with the country’s leadership, Li said that Beijing was ready to participate in a peaceful settlement, but on the basis of a “peace plan”  supported by Moscow.

After that, Hui went to Poland, France, Germany and other European countries. After a meeting of European diplomats with Beijing’s special representative to the EU, they said that they had repeatedly called on China to start playing a constructive role in establishing peace in Ukraine. In a statement, the EU also stressed that it expects China to be reminded of “the need to respect the principles of sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity through the unconditional withdrawal of all forces and military equipment from the entire territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders,” 

The French Foreign Ministry, after a meeting of officials with a representative of China, said that Li had received a message about the need to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and noted that Paris was ready to support Kyiv in the long term.

The Polish Foreign Ministry said after the visit that Li Hui was informed that Warsaw was “concerned about Beijing’s statements about its desire to strengthen bilateral relations with Russia, the aggressor state.” 

EU High Representative for Trade Valdis Dombrovskis stated after the meeting that the war in Ukraine complicates their relations with China, which did not condemn Moscow’s invasion. And EU competition chief Margrethe Vestager said the bloc wants to protect trade with China, which it doesn’t see as risky but seeks to clearly define areas of concern for Europe’s economic security.

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