The ship of the Black Sea Fleet “Ivan Khurs” was shot down: a video appeared

Yana Stavskaya 16:40, 05/25/23

The reconnaissance ship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation “Ivan Khurs” was allegedly attacked 74 kilometers north of the Bosphorus.

Unknown surface drones probably shot down the ship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation “Ivan Khurs”. War correspondent Andrei Tsaplienko showed on Telegram the moment of the attack.

It is alleged that the video shows the same “Ivan Khurs”, which, as the Russian side claimed the day before, escaped the attack of maritime UAVs.

The footage clearly shows that at least one drone did hit the Russian intelligence corps.

Attack on the Black Sea Fleet – latest news

On May 24, a number of media outlets reported on a drone attack on the reconnaissance ship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation “Ivan Khurs” 74 kilometers north of the Bosphorus Strait – and 400 kilometers from the territory controlled by Ukraine. In Russia, they claimed that the crew managed to “beat off” the UAV, and the ship itself allegedly received no damage.

In response, the invaders blocked traffic on the Crimean bridge under the pretext of “exercises”, and the frigate “Admiral Makarov” with 8 “Caliber” was urgently released into the Black Sea. 

According to expert Alexander Kovalenko, the Russian fleet has only one more ship of a similar design (two of these were built in just 20 years), which makes the loss of this unit in the project lineup painful for the Russian Federation.

Drone hit the Russian ship “Ivan Khurs”Drone hit the Russian ship “Ivan Khurs”

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  1. I can assume that the russian sailors might have genuinely believed they escaped damage. There’s general incompetence, overconfidence in the “quality” of their vessel, and perhaps also a hit below the waterline, that may have been a slow, but just fast enough, leak. I’m thinking all three.

    russian military “strength.”

  2. UPDATED 18:31. In Ukraine, the strike on Ivan Khurs was confirmed. Ukrayinska Pravda, citing an interlocutor in military circles, writes that the ship was damaged as a result of an attack by Ukrainian naval drones in the Black Sea.

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