Russian woman forced to remove pro-Wagner PMC propaganda from her US home – video

A video of a Russian woman living in the United States who unapologetically supports Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and the war criminals from the Wagner private military company, appeared online on May 25.

So proud of the people committing genocide against the Ukrainian people, she decided to share her opinions with others by placing propaganda signs on her garage glorifying the Wagner war criminals’ destruction of the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut.

It didn’t go well.

Local residents were disgusted with the Rashist (Russian fascism) propaganda and forced the Russian woman to literally tear her propaganda from piece to piece.

“I think you have no place in this country,” said outraged people.

“Then go to Bakhmut. See how many children were killed there. You must be a complete moron to write such a message… Do you love Russia? Suitcase, train station, Russia.”


  1. Something not right about this video. If it was an American telling this woman off, it would be more believable. Why is the number plate removed from the car?

  2. There is genocide going on. The west is shamefully tolerant.
    Countries that actively help Ukraine, such as the US, UK, Poland, the Baltics, Czechia, Slovakia etc, should immediately vet their Russian residents/immigrants. Are they actively supporting putinazi genocide on social media? If so, they should lose all their assets in those countries and all rights of residency.
    Those with no social media profile should be investigated; they are likely to be spies. Chuck them out too. Those with demonstrably pro-Ukraine positions can remain.
    Putlerites in countries with much more ambiguous relations to putlerstan; such as France, Germany, Austria etc, should also have their putlerites investigated remotely. If their hosts are not willing to hand over their putinazi assets, they should suffer from massive fines and loss of EU privileges.

  3. Why do this subhuman dreck not stay in their shithole? Why do they want to live in “enemy” countries? Filthy hypocrites!

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