From the FB page; We Stand By Ukraine

Canela Lisa Paris Wray-Diaz

May 24

President Zelensky appealed to the people of Iran not to become complicit in the bloody Russian war:

“When an Iranian drone kills a pregnant Ukrainian girl and her husband in their home, what do you want? When your “Shahed” hits a dormitory with our students, people die, a fire starts, rescuers arrive, and in a few minutes a second “Shahed” hits, taking the lives of those who saved the lives of others. What do you get from this?”


  1. Surely one of the most putrid things about the putler holocaust is the fact that a genocidal nazi regime successfully enlisted the help of an equally foul izlamonazi regime to murder Ukrainian children. Ukraine has never done anything to Iran; in fact until recently, many Iranians were studying as mature students in Ukraine. Funded by the izlamonazi regime, they stayed in nice flats with their families while they studied shipbuilding, engineering, IT etc. I bet they all were called home before the Holocaust started.
    The time is long overdue to sing John McCain’s version of his favourite Beach Boys song: Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran.

  2. Volodymyr Kukharenko wrote this morning on LinkedIn :

    “I did not see it while I was sleeping. And you won’t see any news about residential buildings destroyed and hundreds of civilians killed by Russia last night. But it’s not because Russia did not try. It is because the Ukrainian army shot down all 36 Iranian suicide drones launched to Ukrainian cities. Each such drone was carrying 50kg of explosives, which is more than enough to destroy a house.”

  3. iran is working diligently to improve and produce rockets, missiles, and drones. Deliveries to moscovy must be thwarted permanently especially across the Caspian Sea.

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