“Who was grinding whom?”: Girkin revealed the extent of Wagner’s wild losses in Bakhmut

Marta Gichko13:29, 05/24/23

According to him, every second “Wagnerian” fell into the category of irretrievable losses.

Terrorist Igor Strelkov-Girkin commented in detail on the statement of the leader of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, about the losses among his mercenaries.

As Girkin noted in the Telegram channel, Prigozhin publicly acknowledged 20 thousand dead “Wagnerites”, but the militant has other statistics. According to Girkin, the losses of Wagner, even for a six-month operation that ended with the assault on Bakhmut, are at least one and a half times more . However, he decided to analyze in detail the figures voiced by Prigogine.

The leader of “Wagner” says that 50 thousand prisoners came from the colonies to his PMC. Of these, 10 thousand were killed. At the same time, Prigozhin himself previously stated that 26,000 prisoners received an amnesty and returned home. So where did the other 14,000 go?

Probably, some of them went missing, “which is tantamount to 99% death.” But most of them, most likely, are seriously injured and crippled. They will not return to service.

“Thus. Out of 50 thousand prisoners, almost every second one fell into” irretrievable losses … Thus – at a minimum – “Wagner” suffered irretrievable losses on the way from Popasnaya to the western outskirts of Bakhmut – 40 thousand people. To this we must add losses units and divisions of the RF Armed Forces attached to Wagner – both personnel and various volunteer ones. They are also large, you can be sure, “Girkin said.

He also commented on Prigozhin’s data on alleged “losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine” during the battle for Bakhmut. The terrorist believes that the calculations of the Wagner ringleader are “somewhat exaggerated.”

Even if the Armed Forces of Ukraine really lost about 50 thousand soldiers in this direction, the losses of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are the same. The terrorist asked in surprise: “Who was grinding whom?”

Girkin believes that Prigozhin creates the illusion that his PMC is still combat-ready by statements about the underestimated losses of the Wagner. But the “musicians” do not show results on the battlefield.

According to the terrorist’s calculations, taking into account public data, 19,000 mercenaries remained in Wagner. Now PMCs do not receive 10 thousand new personnel every month – after the meat assaults, “there are no stupid ones.”

“He (Prigozhin – UNIAN) will still please us with a lot of top-secret data, voicing which saves us (and me, in particular) from the obligation to “grind our teeth” to keep silent about our wild losses with very insignificant results… another cretin in the Russian Defense Ministry to voice our wild (and already completely inconclusive) losses in continuous and useless battles near Avdiivka,” Girkin summed up.

Loss of Wagner

Today, Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin admitted that the Russian army is suffering huge losses in Ukraine – much more than in Afghanistan.

According to him, in Bakhmut, mercenary convicts and regular “Wagnerites” were liquidated equally – a total of allegedly 20,000 corpses . In order to prevent this information from causing an explosion in Russian society, the leader of Wagner immediately lied that the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were allegedly several times higher.

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