The Orthodox Church of Ukraine finally switched to celebrating Christmas in December

The Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine finally switched to celebrating Christmas according to the Western rite – on December 25.

This decision was made at the Synod of Bishops on May 24, which was presided over by Metropolitan Epiphany.

The council decided to switch to the New Julian calendar from September 1, however, parishes and monasteries retain the right to remain on the old calendar if they wish.

“This is a decision expected from us by the majority of believers of our church and the majority of Ukrainian society. This decision is not easy, we have been approaching it for a long time, gradually, step by step, and we are making it carefully. But it is as necessary as the decision to introduce the living Ukrainian language in worship instead of traditional Slavic was necessary at one time, to introduce an autocephalous system of church life instead of centuries-old subordination. Not everyone accepted these decisions, not everyone supported them – but they were correct and vitally necessary. It is also correct and vitally necessary for us to decide to switch to an updated calendar, which is more precise astronomically and ecclesiastically accepted, while preserving the traditional Easter,” said Metropolitan Epiphany.

We will remind you that on January 31, the Odesa Diocese of the OCU  unanimously supported the transition to the New Julian calendar.

We will remind you that in 2022, Epiphanius allowed priests to hold Christmas services on both January 7 and December 25.



  1. Good news. This ancient debate is very interesting to me as a hobby historian. I’m sure this decision was difficult but in my opinion they should switch to the Julian calendar because it is more accurate. No doubt it was and is hard to admit that dictator Julian Caesar was right and that Pope Gregory was wrong 😉 Now, what will Ukrainians do with just celebrating one Christmas and one New Year’s? I think we will continue celebrating two just for fun.

  2. Good decision. Now, get ready for more poisonous spittle from mafia mouthpieces over this.

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