NYT on Belgorod Oblast: Units suffered minor losses

 23 MAY 2023

Not a single Ukrainian fighter entered Russian territory during the operation in Belgorod Oblast, and the units that participated in the operation suffered losses that had no impact on their combat readiness.

Source: The New York Times (NYT), citing a senior Ukrainian official who spoke on condition of anonymity

Details: According to the NYT source, not a single Ukrainian fighter entered Russian territory. The Ukrainian military plays a mostly auxiliary role, protecting the Ukrainian border in the area in case of a Russian counterattack.

The source said the units that participated in the operation suffered losses, but not so significant as to affect their combat capability. He did not provide any other details.


  • On 22 May, the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Freedom of Russia Legion announced that they had crossed the border and were “liberating” the settlements of Belgorod Oblast from the current Russian authorities, starting with the villages of Kozinka and Gora-Podol. These military formations also stated that they were seeking the “liberation” of all of Russia.
  • Andrii Yusov, spokesman for Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence, described the events that took place in Russia’s Belgorod Oblast on 22 May as the creation of a “security zone” to protect Ukrainian citizens. Yusov stressed that the operation was conducted exclusively by Russian citizens. 
  • Vyacheslav Gladkov, the governor of Belgorod Oblast, reported that the majority of residents of the Grayvoron district had left their settlements.
  • On 23 May, Vyacheslav Gladkov announced that the counter-terrorist operation regime in the oblast has been cancelled.

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  1. Where there is shooting, there are casualties. This is inevitable. I hope that this brave group of fighters is indeed still fully operational. I wish we had more info on what’s going on there.
    Surprise! Mafia land is already releasing unadulterated lies. Their spin doctors are extremely busy at the moment feeding their puppets (including foreign puppets) “proper info” over this important encounter.

  2. The Hindustan Times, whose YouTube channel has 5m subscribers, is doing its best to shill for putler. In the past few minutes, in repulsive examples of triumphalism, it has claimed :
    “Putin’s men wipe out 700 Ukrainian troops as Russian army storms river bank at Dnipro” and “Kill rat bastards..” Russia eliminates 70 Ukrainian attackers in Belgorod.”

    That slippery fuck Modi was seen making nice to Zel, but in his shithole, they all love putler, thanks to active kremprop.
    India is going to have to pay a price for this.
    Btw, Hindustan is the colonial name for old India under Persian occupation. The Persians invaded, committing genocide, yet are revered. The British did not invade, they were invited in and there was never any British army there; only the Indian army. Yet they hate us and love the Persians.
    British Hindus, of which the superb Rishi is one, are loyal Britons. The phenomenon of putler-grovelling only occurs in India.

      • YouTube has banned countless pro-Ukrainian accounts, yet kremprop shit like this survives and should NOT be ignored. Kremtrolls and bots are very active, yet there is no coordinated response.
        LinkedIn, which is home to some of the most influential business figures, politicians and media figures in the world, is under constant attack from kremtrolls. They even succeeded in banning Robin Horsfall for a while and Yana Rudenko only just got back after her second ban.
        As for Trump, I will forget about this genocide-enabling criminal as soon as he is eliminated as a candidate or is in jail.
        At the moment, he and his foul sidekick Taylor-Greene are a mortal threat to Ukraine and democracy in general.

        • Scradge, once Ukraine wins the war, all these assholes will be proven to be the … well, the stinking assholes that they are even to the dumbest of the dumb.

    • Well, fuck rape land. I hate the hindustanis, their stupid religion, their stupid language and their stupid faces. They can be eaten by swarms of locusts for all I care. I hope that Zelensky is careful with Modi, that dirty rat.

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