Ukraine is doing well: EU responded to Orban’s scandalous statement

Vitaly Saenko18:26, 05/23/23

In particular, the EU believes that the successful defense of Ukraine frustrates the plans of Russian President Vladimir Putin to win an early “victory”.

The European Union does not agree with the statements of some leaders of individual countries that Ukraine will not be able to win the war that Russia unleashed.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Vice-President of the European Commission, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borrell said this at a briefing after the meeting of the EU Council with the participation of defense ministers. 

“Ministers disagree with some people who say that Ukraine cannot win this war and therefore we should stop supporting it. No! On the contrary. Ukraine is doing well. It confuses Putin’s plans for a quick victory. Ukraine manages to defend itself,” Borrell said. 

Borrell must have hinted at the statements of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban

The anti-Ukrainian position of the Hungarian prime minister has long been known. Recently, his scandalous statements regarding Ukraine are increasingly reminiscent of Kremlin propaganda. So, today Orban expressed confidence that Ukraine’s efforts to repel Russian aggression are doomed to failure, and further Western assistance will only lead to more victims.

At the same time, the speaker of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Oleg Nikolenko, in response to Orban, noted that his statements are erroneous, and only the Kremlin rejoices at him . Nikolenko stressed that Ukraine will continue to fight until the territories are completely liberated from Russian occupation.

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  1. Orban is still angry that Putler couldn’t give him a sliver of Ukraine to feed his nazis in parliament. If he keeps it up his nation could end up looking like Putler’s godforsaken nation too.

  2. I don’t know any Hungarians, but a lot of them must be putrid arseholes, since they consistently vote for a piece of shit who rims putler as often as Trumpkov does.
    Nato has no credibility anyway, but keeping this shithole as a member is sick-making. Same with the EU, which shows no interest in kicking these turds out. Then we come to Austria, which is not in Nato because it claims “neutrality”, but is an EU fixture.
    Anyone who has visited Vienna will know that the city of cream cakes and waltzes is nothing but a home from home for putinoid scum; mafia, spooks, oligarchs, sprogs of the kremlin murder gang and assorted other kremkrapper vermin.
    All countries, politicians, political parties, media outlets and business entries that provide comfort to the most evil regime in history must be treated as accessories and hammered.

  3. Hungary is a fascist shithole and should not be in neither the EU nor in NATO.

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