“Apparently, the Orlans are running out: the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine showed the “ultra-modern” UAV of the occupiers (photo)

Lesya Leshchenko21:57, 05/23/23

“Analogue” drone was shot down from small arms.

The Ukrainian military today, May 23, shot down an enemy drone from small arms . The drone was made from plywood.

“Apparently the Russians are running out of Orlans and other modern UAVs. Air reconnaissance tasks are performed by plywood airplanes. unmanned aerial vehicle. The remnants show that the plywood airplane was made quite primitively,”  the command of the Air Assault Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said in a statement.

However, as they added to the command, there is information that this type of “ultra-modern” UAV has been put into serial production by the invaders.


Situation at the front as of May 23 – what is known

Ukrainian aviation inflicted 14 strikes on areas of concentration of enemy personnel and military equipment in a day. During the current day, four enemy attack UAVs of the Shahed type were destroyed.

In addition, missile and artillery units hit three command posts, four areas of concentration of weapons and military equipment, one ammunition depot, two artillery units in firing positions in a day.

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