More than 20 ammo depots and command posts were destroyed: a weekly report of strikes on the positions of the invaders was published. Map

05/22/2023 – Translated from Ukrainian via Google and OFP

During the week (from May 15 to May 21), the Ukrainian Defense Forces destroyed 21 bases and a warehouse with enemy weapons in the settlements of our state temporarily captured by Russia. Strikes were made against the invaders in all the occupied regions.

A map of the “demilitarization” of the Russian army was published on the Telegram channel “Armed Forces of Ukraine. War against the invaders.” In total, 11 ammunition depots and 10 enemy headquarters were destroyed.

During the week, explosions were heard from the invaders in the Donetsk region, Luhansk region, Kherson region and Zaporozhye.

– Lugansk – minus a command post;

– Tokmak, Zaporozhye region – minus the base and ammo depot;

– Donetsk – minus the base and getting into a command post;

– Berdyansk district, Zaporozhye region – minus 2 ammo warehouses and a command post;

– Yenakiyevo, Donetsk region – getting into command post;

– Kakhovsky district, Kherson region – getting into the command post;

– Kinbur Spit, Nikolaev region – getting into the command post;

– Bakhmutsky district, Donetsk region – minus 2 ammo depots;

– Kherson region – minus 2 ammo depots and getting into command post;

– Mariupol district – minus ammo depot and command post;

– childbirth and district, Zaporozhye region – minus ammo depot and base;

– Volnovakha district, Donetsk region – minus ammo depot;

– Mospino, Donetsk region – minus ammo depot;

It should be noted that the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine inflict crushing losses on the enemy in all directions where fierce battles are being fought. Over the past week – from May 15 to May 21 – 4280 invaders, 27 tanks, 13 air defense systems, two rocket launchers, 142 artillery systems and other equipment were “minused”.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, on May 19, the Armed Forces of Ukraine “demilitarized” 670 Russian servicemen at the front . They also destroyed 90 pieces of equipment and weapons of the RF Armed Forces, including neutralizing 32 air targets in the sky.

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  1. Excellent work the past week. HIMARS and long-range artillery have been hard at work.

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