Investigators find Russian propagandist’s secret family with US-born children



Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov has a mistress with two children who were born in the US.

Source: Russian edition of The Insider; the team of the well-known Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny

Details: Investigators from the Navalny Foundation have discovered that Solovyov has a secret family with Svetlana Abrosimova, a basketball player. Abrosimova owns a 650-square-metre villa in the Russian city of Sochi worth half a billion roubles. Yet this information has been deleted from the Russian land registry. The house is in the same area as other secret houses owned by the wife of Russian general Sergey Surovikin, the son of the Russian Security Council Secretary, and a former head of the FSB facilities service.


One of these houses belongs to Svetlana Abrosimova

The investigators say Abrosimova is the mistress of Solovyov, who is officially married and has eight children from his various marriages. This information has been confirmed by their shared trips and doctor visits.

Soloviov and Abrosimova

In 2017, Abrosimova gave birth to two daughters in the US, and their patronymic is given as “Vladimirovna” [daughter of Vladimir – ed.] in official documents. Abrosimova herself also holds a US passport.


Anonymous sources from Solovyov’s social circle have also confirmed that he has a mistress.


Quote: “We spoke with several people from Solovyov’s circle and everything was confirmed – he has indeed had this family for a long time; he does have two children and regularly visits that super elite house in Sochi. There are few photographs of Solovyov and Abrosimova together in public, but to this day he comments on her basketball games, invites her to his broadcasts and reposts her messages on social media.”


  • In March 2022, the media reported that Italy had seized two villas owned by Russian oligarch Vladimir Solovyov. Their estimated worth is €8 million.


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