In the Belgorod region, the governor is cursed: “bombs are falling”, but there are no shelters (video)

Anastasia Pechenyuk19:43, 05/22/23

Residents are outraged because the money for the preparation of bomb shelters was stolen.

Today, against the backdrop of a large-scale UAV attack in the Belgorod region, radio stations in the region launched alarm messages calling for evacuation. At this time, local residents tried to get into the shelter in order to escape from shelling. However, not everyone managed to do this. 

A video has surfaced on the Web showing how residents of the area are trying to get into the shelter, but the bomb shelter is abandoned and closed. 

Because of this, one of the women began to curse out loud the governor of the region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, who, according to her, stole money and did not prepare shelters.

“Tell that Gladkov that he is *** aras. Bombs are falling over me!” the woman says.

Residents of the Belgorod region break the doors to an abandoned bomb shelterResidents of the Belgorod region break the doors to an abandoned bomb shelter

The situation in Belgorod – what you need to know 

On May 22, it became known about  the encirclement of the Russian checkpoint “Grayvoron” near Belgorod , which is located near the storage of nuclear weapons, and the liberation of settlements on the border by Russian volunteers fighting on the side of Ukraine.

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