China refused to buy Russian grain

Yuri Kobzar12:56, 05/22/23

China is actively increasing grain imports from the countries of the “global West”, but does not buy Russian.

China refused to buy grain from Russia , despite insistent requests from the Kremlin. Bloomberg writes about it .

The publication notes that China has recently been actively increasing wheat imports, but does not buy Russian grain. Phytosanitary regulations and some transport problems are cited as problems hindering direct deliveries.

According to Chinese customs, in the period from January to April this year, Australia became the main supplier of wheat to the Chinese market (59.7%). Also, a lot of grain is supplied to the Chinese by Canada (18.3%) and the USA (7.9%). But Russia, which has a direct rail link with China, accounts for only about 0.5% of Chinese grain imports.

Bloomberg states that wheat has become an exception in the growing trade between China and Russia. Thus, against the backdrop of Western sanctions, Russia has significantly increased the supply of electricity and aluminum to China. But not wheat.

Russian Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev has already promised to raise this topic at the next business forum with the Chinese.

Trade between Russia and China – latest news

After the introduction of Western sanctions, Russia lost access to European markets and Western goods, so trade between the Russian Federation and China is now actively growing, which partly compensates for the sanctions losses for the aggressor. At the same time, Beijing does not hesitate to help Russia with goods that can be used for military purposes.

However, due to the inability to use the euro and the dollar in mutual settlements, Russia has problems with paying for Chinese goods – there is simply not enough yuan, since Russia buys more goods from China than China from Russia.

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