Absolute evil: Russian prisoners are shown a film about the crimes of the Russian army

Ludmila Zhernovskaya02:39, 05/22/23

The documentary shows footage of the killings and bombings.

Russian prisoners of war were shown a documentary film about the war crimes of the Russian army in Ukraine.

This was announced by the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for Human Rights Dmitry Lubinets in his Telegram channel . The film deals with the execution of civilians, the execution of prisoners, the bombing of residential buildings, the killing of children and adults, and torture. 

“The Russian military was shown the film “Absolute Evil” about their own war crimes that they are committing in Ukraine. What is in the heads of these people is unknown, what is in the eyes – see for yourself. I hope that after watching, they realized who is the absolute evil in this world,” wrote Lubinets.

Russians in Ukrainian captivity: latest news

At the beginning of the year, Russian journalists visited one of the Ukrainian camps with Russian prisoners of war  and showed how they live.

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      • I could only watch a few minutes of it. It is shattering. Even a serving military friend of mine refused to watch.
        At the end of WW2, German citizens were forced into cinemas by the allies to watch films of nazi atrocities, including the Holocaust. It worked, by and large.
        Same needs to happen in putlerstan, but it has to be occupied in order to do it, unless by a miracle they renounce fascism.
        Yes the video is important as evidence of terrible war crimes. It also should be compulsory for anyone with the power to dispense or remove support to Ukraine.

    • Why isn’t this shown on western media? My God this is unbelievable. Justice needs to be served.

  1. Trump, Carlson and all the other mafia supporters should be forced to watch this. I don’t know if it would affect them, though. I think they have zero compassion and even less intelligence.

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