A civil war began in Russia: Zhdanov – about the events near Belgorod

Katerina Schwartz21:58, 05/22/23

The expert said that what is happening in the Russian Federation today was predictable.

A civil war began in Russia .

This statement was made by military expert Oleg Zhdanov, commenting on the events in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation.

“This early morning, hostilities began in the Belgorod region. Two formations announced that they were beginning to liberate the Russian Federation from the Putin regime. Everything is predictable and predictable. Remember the first months of the war, when many people, including myself, said that everything would end in a civil war in the Russian Federation “This is the civil war in Russia. The Russians are liberating the Russian Federation from the Putin regime. Why not 1917?” he noted.

According to him, events on the border with Ukraine are developing very rapidly:

“They started from a checkpoint in the area of ​​Gayvoron, then they began to move towards Belgorod. The last information I managed to get before the start of the recording was that the battles were going on for the town of Gayvoron and for Gora-Podil.”

Zhdanov also added that at first the Russian leadership did not want to admit the fact of an armed confrontation, but when Russian volunteers deployed tanks and helicopters appeared in the sky, an emergency meeting was held in Belgorod, an air raid alert was announced and the evacuation of the local population began.

What’s happening in Belgorod – actual

Recall, on May 22, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine stated that representatives of the Legion “Freedom of Russia” and the “Russian Volunteer Corps” are conducting an operation  on the territory of the Belgorod region , the purpose of which is to create a “security strip”.

Later, the Russian volunteers explained that after the creation of a demilitarized zone on the border with Ukraine, they planned to free all of Russia from Putin’s diktat .

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  1. Well, if we’re going to make references to the 1917 revolution, I would hope we don’t see the “red army” prevail, because they brought us the communists, and I’m sure you don’t want a repeat of that. I may be mistaken, but the White Army were Russians who were also rebelling against the Tsar, but also fought against the communists. In comparison to America, I understand the red was the russian left-wing, while the white was the opposite, right-wing.

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