Russophobia and Sinophobia: Russian Foreign Ministry summed up the results of the G7 summit

Yuri Kobzar20:25, 05/21/23

Moscow said that after the expulsion of the Russian Federation from the organization, the G7 has greatly degraded.

The G7 summit held in Japan was anti-Russian and anti-Chinese in nature and generally showed that this organization has “irreversibly degraded.” This is stated in the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry .

The “Group of Seven” was once an association whose members coordinate positions on various issues on the world agenda. But now it is irreversibly degraded. It has turned into an “incubator” where, under the leadership of the Anglo-Saxons, destructive initiatives are ripening that undermine global stability. Then they are imposed on the pro-American extras from among the countries of NATO, the EU and other satellites of Washington,” Moscow said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry is outraged that the G7 “has become obsessed with a comprehensive confrontation with Russia” and “assumed the functions of the headquarters for planning sanctions measures” against the aggressor country. Also, the Russians do not like that the G7 is coordinating Western military supplies to Ukraine.

“Panic fear of the objective process of the formation of multipolarity and the destruction of the American-centric hegemony, which allowed the West to plunder the world, forces the members of the association to direct all their efforts to fanning Russophobic and Sinophobic hysteria,” the Russian Foreign Ministry says.

G7 summit in Hiroshima

On Friday, the next G7 summit started, which this time was hosted by Japan. Among the guests of the summit were not only the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, but also the leaders of India, Brazil, South Korea, Vietnam, Australia, the Cook Islands and the Comoros.

Among the main topics of the summit is the opposition to Russian military aggression against Ukraine. In particular, during this summit, new sanctions against Russia were announced . The United States and allies also agreed to start training Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets.

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  1. Moscow said that after the expulsion of the Russian Federation from the organization, the G7 has greatly degraded.

    In what world Russians live?

  2. “Phobia” refers to an irrational fear of what should be perceived as simple routine, and or normal.

    If russia didn’t want people to fear them, then they shouldn’t be aggressively invading countries and trying to grind their opposition into dust. It’s completely rational, to push back against a bully who has no justifiable reason for seizing what he envies to steal. Letting such a bully run roughshod over your land, people, and property, to steal, kill, and destroy, is completely irrational. That’s quite literally, what the Bible says about the activities of the Devil’s intentions, so if that’s what the russians think they can get away with from invading Ukraine, I believe that russia has brought this “anti-russia” attitude upon themselves.

    • The evil Moskali only see things from their perspective. Like Poopin said 20 years ago, “The dissolution of the USSR was the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century.”
      According to him, allowing several nations to have their freedom was even more tragic than the tragedies of WWI and WWII.

  3. “Moscow said that after the expulsion of the Russian Federation from the organization, the G7 has greatly degraded.”

    That’s funny. I think that they know they’re lying through their yellow teeth. Everyone knows that it’s better when the cockroaches scatter into their holes and crevices.

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