“Putin was deceived”: Malomuzh explained why the developers of “Daggers” were arrested in Russia

Anastasia Gorbacheva13:27, 05/21/23

He recalled that the missiles, which the Kremlin was so proud of, do not have superpowers.

The Russian government arrested the developers of the Kinzhal missiles because they undermined the “strategic basis of Russia’s combat capability.” They are accused of high treason because they “actually deceived Putin.”

“First of all, they were arrested after the first Kinzhal was launched – it fell, but did not cause specific harm to a specific object – even a civilian one, not to mention the strategic object it was aimed at. The developers who were arrested clearly positioned that “Daggers” are a superweapon that does not exist in the world, which “hit five kopecks” – specifically at the target. This is a target that is determined specifically by the trajectory – our defense facility or airfield, or “decision-making center,” said ex-head of the Foreign Intelligence Service Nikolai Malomuzh in an interview with TSN.

According to him, Putin was “actually deceived”, because the “Daggers” do not have superpowers, in which the President of the Russian Federation firmly believed.

“They seemed to want to rehabilitate already, even in prison, their development partners, and deliver massive strikes with the Kinzhals. To say that we will still break through the air defense system, we will show that the Kinzhals are working. For the first time they shot down the Kinzhal” , for the second time shot down all six “Daggers” that they launched,” the former intelligence officer said.

He noted that all attempts by the Russians to break through the defense of Ukraine with “Daggers” ended in complete failure, which awaits the developers of missiles, because they “blew up the strategic basis of Russia’s combat capability.”

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  1. The West keep shitting themselves every time one of the Kremlin mouthpieces mentions nukes. Does anyone think the russian nukes would actually work? Let’s be honest, nothing else that russia claim to be invincible, has ever worked, or exists. Tanks, stealth bombers, invincible hypersonic weapons. They are all a fallacy concocted by the bunker dwarf.

    • It’s good news.

      Can F-16s also take down Kinzhals? If not, can the existing Patriots cover the airfields?

      Anyway, the Saudi’s must be scratching their heads as they couldn’t even down primitive Shahed 136s and even more primitive copies of Kh-55s.

  2. Once again we see what happens when a leader only tolerates Yes Men and everybody around him is afraid to say no.
    Subordenates learn very quickly to only give the boss wants to hear if they want to keep their jobs. In the case of Russia their lives also.
    Unfortunatly for Putin he really believed his proaganda machine’s lies.
    Propaganda is the same as pre-event trash talk. It sounds great but as soon as the fighters enter the ring or step onto the field it is meaningless.

  3. This measure certainly will encourage the moscovian scientific and engineering community to get discouraged of any further working together with the crime gang in Moscow and possibly to consider leaving the shithole all together, which would be a good thing for humanity’s sake.

  4. Did you mean Putler? He is delusional! He has S.M.S. Short Man’s Syndrome!

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