Aviation for Ukraine: Zhdanov named the likely timing of the transfer and the number of aircraft

Katerina Schwartz21:30, 05/21/23

The decision to transfer Western aircraft of the Western type F-16 type to the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been made, the expert noted.

It is assumed that the first combat aircraft from Western partners may appear in Ukraine at the end of August at the beginning of September. The number of machines can reach 100 units.

“The decision to transfer Western-style F-16-type aircraft to us has been made. Five countries will train our pilots,” military expert Oleg Zhdanov noted . “They will start in the coming weeks simultaneously in five countries. they will give cars for these pilots.”

At the same time, the Expert suggested that the aircraft may appear earlier.

Zhdanov also recalled that the Netherlands stopped the deal on the sale of F-16 aircraft.

“The batch that they were preparing for sale consisted of 40 … It is assumed that these aircraft will be transferred to the Air Force of Ukraine. The issue of supplying fighters has been resolved.”

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