Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence chief on Russian attempts to hunt him down: “I like it”




Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence, has revealed that he is not bothered by Russian attempts to hunt him down – actually, he likes them. According to him, this is a sign of recognition from the Russians.

Source: Kyrylo Budanov, Head of Defence Intelligence of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence, in an interview with Dmitry Komarov in “A year behind the scenes: the intelligence officer”

Quote: “I like it. First of all, it’s recognition. It means I do my job well.

The biggest compliment for any professional in the special services is recognition from the enemy and attempts by the enemy to do everything they can to eliminate you. I reached that point a long time ago, so I like that.

It shows that at least I get paid for a reason.”

Details: According to Budanov, of all the myths and stories about him, what is true is that he sees no obstacles in front of him.

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  1. “According to him, this is a sign of recognition from the Russians.”

    It’s a badge of honor! And, truth be told, there is no real danger. They have shown to be so inept (how many failed attempts to get Zelensky?) it baffles the mind.

    • I’m impressed every day by the caliber of people Zelensky has surrounded himself with. It makes me feel a little embarrassed that I was so skeptical when he won the presidency but now I pray for their safety and success.

        • I too was sceptical about Zel, because he earned his living by satirising Ukrainian politics seemingly for the entertainment of Russians.
          I later came to realise that he was just doing what we take for granted in the west. Like you have with shows like SNL and we have with HIGNFY.
          For a very brief moment under Yeltsin there was a Russian version of the UK show Spitting Image, which used puppets to ridicule the regime. One of the first things fuhrer putler did was to cancel all shows like that simply by taking over the TV channels, which were then used 24/7 to pump hate and lies into putlerstani homes.
          Everyone I knew in Ukraine supported and voted for Zel in 2019. I was and still am a fan of Poro because he built an army from scratch and put his own money into it.
          Zel only finally won me over last year when I saw his heroism, oratory skills and ability to inspire his people.
          I now believe him to be the greatest since Churchill. And I am rapidly becoming a Rishi fan too. Despite being under relentless attack from the far right Farage faction, vile communist putlerite trade union leaders, the Labour Party and the leftist media bloc, he is dealing with an economic crisis and providing leadership in terms of the response to Ukraine’s terrible predicament.

          • I guess that sometimes a major event is needed to expose the true shine in a person. For instance, WWII for Churchill, and this war for Zelensky.
            Rishi is doing a swell job. I feared for the worst after Boris fumbled once too many times and lost his position. I am very glad that Boris was replaced by someone just as courageous and foresighted.

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