Terrorist Girkin reacted violently to Prigozhin’s statement about the “capture” of Bakhmut

Veronika Prokhorenko16:54, 05/20/23

He noted that he was not so happy.

Russian terrorist Igor Girkin (Strelkov) was noted for his reaction to another “victorious” statement by the founder of PMC “Wagner” Yevgeny Prigozhin regarding the “capture” of Bakhmut .

Today, Putin’s former chef recorded a video in which, against the backdrop of his mercenaries, he reported on the success of the Russian army. In his Telegram , Girkin indicated that he was not so happy that Bakhmut was “tormented”.

“It does not cause any delight in me. Taking into account what I know about the losses, the resources spent, the lost time and the initial understanding of the strategic senselessness of this operation,” he said.

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  1. Old Bean, if you had any Russian blood in your blood vessels, which I doubt, you would not be irritated by losing 45.000 people for taking over a destroyed small town.

  2. So russia can finally show on russian TV they captured a pile of rubble that took the best part of 12 months, and 1000s of lives. The question is, was they allowed to capture Bakhmut by Ukraine, because in the bigger picture, Bakhmut is nothing strategically. I remember Severodonetsk falling, and the orcs crowing like it was the second Stalingrad, a few months later, the whole of Kharkiv Oblast was liberated, and that was without all these shiny new weapons, so let’s not overestimate the loss of Bakhmut.

  3. Though technically orcs may have got the last domino, which is still disputed and contested. AFU still in the suburbs as well as countering on the flanks. I really hope AFU catches the cockroaches and scorch them before they have a chance to scurry too far.

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