Russian TV ignored Prigozhin’s statement about the capture of Bakhmut

22:59, May 20, 2023 Source: 

Russian TV channels in their news releases on the evening of May 20 completely ignored the statement of the head of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, about taking Bakhmut under full control.

Both in the Vremya program on Channel One and in the evening Vesti on Rossiya 1 (there is no evening news on NTV on Saturday), the situation in Bakhmut was mentioned only in the context of the daytime statements by Igor Konashenkov, official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry. He said that the “assault squads” continued to fight in the western part of the city.

Prigozhin announced on the afternoon of May 20 that Bakhmut had been under the complete control of his detachments since noon. In the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Prigozhin’s statements were called “untrue.”

In the evening, Prigozhin posted a video of the installation of PMC flags in different parts of the city – however, it did not show the southwestern quarter, in which the Ukrainian military held the defense until recently.

Prigogine has been in public conflict with the Ministry of Defense for several months now. Nestka wrote back in February that the state-owned media were forbidden to quote the businessman’s statements that are not neutral and do not directly relate to the situation at the front.

Of all the Russian officials, only Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev has so far reacted to Prigozhin’s statement. In his tweet, he  answered Elon Musk’s question “how is it in Bakhmut?” Asked him back in October: “You asked me about Bakhmut … Go and see for yourself!”

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    • Yes the plundering of Africa continues and the petulant Tik Tok Moskali general will continue trying to stay in the news with hopes someone will knock off the tiny dictator and clamor for his appointment to president.

  1. Well of course the propagandists will ignore anything that doesn’t agree with putin’s insanity. But just watch what happens when he eventually dies, if the next in line to be “elected” makes a suggestion that putin’s ideas were destroying the russian economy (because they have), every still-functioning TV in mordor will have their reporters tumbling over each other to say that the whole invasion was a mistake.

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