Lavrov’s daughter “lit up” in Georgia at a wedding: a protest is being prepared at her hotel (photo)

Yana Stavskaya11:37, 05/20/23

A protest is planned at the hotel, and the police are already on duty.

The sanctioned daughter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Vinokurova (Lavrova) came to Georgia for the wedding of her husband’s brother Alexander Vinokourov.

This conclusion was made by the Georgian opposition TV channel Mtavari , referring to the social networks of Vinokurova herself and her friends, though now all their accounts are closed for some reason.

The wedding of Vinokurova’s relative is taking place, according to journalists, in the historical region in the east of Georgia – in Kakheti.

The feast was organized by Lavrov’s son-in-law at the five-star Kvareli Lake Resort. The media learned about the arrival of Lavrova-Vinokurova at the hotel by calling Kvareli Lake Resort on behalf of an alleged courier regarding the delivery of a bouquet to the daughter of a Russian minister. They confirmed her arrival.

However, later the hotel administration stated that they had no visitors with that surname, accusing the journalists of disinformation. The Georgian authorities have not yet commented on the arrival of Sergei Lavrov’s relatives.

Meanwhile, Radio Liberty reports that a protest is planned near the hotel, and policemen are already on duty.

Protests in Georgia – the main thing

Protests in Georgia  erupted with renewed vigor  on May 19, 2023, after Tbilisi resumed passenger flights with Moscow.

For citizens who survived the full-scale Russian invasion in 2008, this government move was another blow. During the protests at the airport in Tbilisi, Russian tourists were escorted under pro-Ukraine slogans, and some visitors were reminded of their bloody wars, including the occupation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Western countries, including Ukraine, condemned this decision of the Georgian authorities. Georgia was also threatened with sanctions , but the current government ignored the warnings and continued to pursue a pro-Russian agenda in Georgia.

The last time mass protests erupted in the country was when pro-Russian forces in the Georgian government tried to legitimize “foreign agents” among the media following the example of Russia. But then the leadership of the state made concessions to the protesters. 

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  1. It is time the West is sanctioning the crap out of Georgia until the Georgian Dream party is designated a terrorist organisation and all members are safely locked up in some penal colony, preferably some leaky barracks with a tall electric fence around it and guard towers, possibly a minefield.

    • You greatly oversimplify what are complex matters.
      Georgia is one of the most pro-Ukraine countries in the world, but power there has been seized by putler puppet scum; through no fault of the citizens. More Georgian volunteers have been fighting and dying for Ukraine since 2014 than from anywhere else. Private Georgian individuals have raised money for drones and other useful things for the ZSU.
      Georgia is in mortal danger. It can’t defend itself and may be attacked by the rat nazi at any time. Regardless of what happens in Ukraine, Georgia could be next and no fucker will help them.
      “Sanctioning the crap out of them” will just hurt Georgian people.
      The only way to help Georgia is to give them and of course Ukraine, instant NATO membership.

        • People like Brian Whitmore have been calling for years for Ivanishvili to be sanctioned and I agree , but so far no luck.
          It’s a devil of a problem for Georgia because they had few friends under Saakash and even fewer now.
          I’m not sure to be honest what should be done about Georgia. Apart from a massive U.S. base in Batumi or Poti of course.

          • I think they should do something similar to what Ukraine has done. Reject their visas and residencies during a time of war. They will destabilize Georgia sooner or later and that will lead to either destruction or complete loss of sovereignty imo.

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