Fighter Coalition: Sunak named five countries that will train pilots of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the F-16

Inna Andalitskaya21:59, 05/19/23

In addition to Britain, the United States, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark also joined the work.

Five countries have joined forces to work on providing Ukraine with combat air forces , Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Rishi Sunak said on Twitter .

“The UK will work with the US, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark to provide Ukraine with the combat airpower and assets it needs,” Sunak wrote.

Ukraine has long been calling on its allies to hand over modern fighter jets to counter the Russian army, protect the skies and counter-offensive operations. 

Combat aircraft for Ukrina

Yesterday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the issue of possible deliveries of fighter jets will be discussed as early as June at a meeting of NATO defense ministers.

Earlier, the UK and the Netherlands agreed to create a “coalition of fighters” for Ukraine. France also joined them. In particular, French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his readiness to train Ukrainian pilots, noting that it could begin “already now.”

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  1. All this because of the UK pushing and being relentless. Thank you Great Britain you are indeed Great.

  2. Did the US become embarrassed by this fuck up? It made Biden appear very weak in comparison to the Europeans. At one time it was the US that lead, now it’s the US following the UK.

  3. But of course the US Commander and Chief will say he’s leading. The White House will come up with some silly narrative saying it’s all because of Biden.

  4. What should Ukraine do now? Wait for the pilots to be finished with training and getting the first F-16s in country before conducting the offensive? Or, go ahead without all that?
    They said they would go without F-16s. In this case, the value of these planes have been vastly reduced by the reluctant, slow, shortsighted West, since the planes won’t be there during the fighting. In case of waiting for them to arrive, the West has greatly endangered the offensive being a success. Either way, this news is lukewarm at best.
    Why is there so much stupidity involved in the West’s decision-making processes?

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