China decided to oust Russia from Central Asia: Beijing openly announced plans

Yuri Kobzar16:38, 05/19/23

China intends to completely take over the former Soviet Central Asia.

Chinese ruler Xi Jinping has unveiled an ambitious development plan for Central Asia , a region that until recently was dominated by Russia. It is reported by Reuters .

Today China hosted the China-Central Asia summit, which brought together the leaders of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The host of the summit, Xi Jinping, said that China is ready to take over the coordination of the development strategy of this region – from strengthening the internal and international security of the countries of the region to the construction of important infrastructure projects.

The PRC leader also promises the arrival of Chinese companies in the countries of the region, which will give local residents additional jobs. But Beijing promises local governments financial support and grants totaling $3.8 billion.

By its involvement, China has placed itself at the forefront of the race for political influence and energy assets in the resource-rich region, while Russia has been distracted by the war in Ukraine and the United States has reduced its presence here after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, writes Reuters.

Five former Soviet republics with a network of trade corridors offer China alternative routes to transport fuel, food and other goods along the China-Europe route in the event of failures elsewhere. 

In addition, this summit should become a counterweight for China on the information agenda against the backdrop of the G7 leaders’ summit taking place in parallel, where China is actively criticized for its dubious position on the war in Ukraine.

China’s geopolitical ambitions

In March, Xi Jinping openly stated that China is preparing for a big war. These claims are supported by a number of actions aimed at strengthening Xi’s personal power in China and increasing spending on the Chinese military. The obvious reason for this war would be Beijing’s attempt to take over Taiwan .

Against this background, China’s position on the war in Ukraine remains doubtful. Although Beijing claims to be interested in peace and does not want to help either side, it has never condemned the very fact of Russian aggression and has not demanded (at least publicly) that Moscow withdraw its troops from Ukraine. This circumstance irritates the West .

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  1. China: Former Sovjet-States in Asia will be developed and in control of China from today. PUTIN WILL HAVE A BAD HAIRDAY!

    • I thought this topic would come up sooner or later considering the current strength of the Moskali marauders. I guess this explains why president eleven didn’t go ahead and move into Siberia or the Far East territories of Mordor. They just want to control the central asian CIS nations. Hell, why not, they already have Mordor wrapped around their fingers.
      Europe and the USA better put a stop to this asap or lose Kazakhstan and the Caucuses.

  2. Xi: And Russia,oh yes, I nearly forgot, China needs Russia only for cheep oil, gas and wodka……………

  3. Bat virus land will gut and fleece mafia land for what it’s worth, and little putler is damned to accept it … once he realizes what’s happening.

  4. This is why Putin is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is.
    As soon as China anounced the Silk Road inititive Putin should have given up on his Ukraine ambitions and focus on protecting his contorl over one of the most resource rich and underdeveloped regions in the world.
    Far bigger stakes than Ukraine.
    But he just had to have that naval base.

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