Another Russian Invincible Weapon

The military guys on this site will know more about this than I do, but I suspect this orc tank was well past it’s use by date when it was sent to Ukraine.


  1. I’m no military expert, but I would guess that at some point, something got inside the tank’s gun from the muzzle’s business end, then when the orcs tried to fire, they found an explosive surprise from the jammed shot.

    As to what jammed it? Well, maybe some mischievous Ukrainian took a big risk to sneak in during the night and shove a bit of scrap metal in with some super glue. I know it seems like it shouldn’t work, but there are some pretty strong glues out there, like “gorilla glue,” and if the metal was roughened by corrosion, then it would have a stronger hold. In the movie “Indiana and the Last Crusade,” the eponymous hero jammed a tank’s cannon with a rock, and after firing, the gun looked very similar to this one’s.

    Of course, I know that a lot of things can be faked in the movies, but this seems like a plausible description to me.

  2. This self-propelled howitzer is as Bill said.
    The barrel was either too worn out from being fired beyond its useful life, or it had an obstruction in it. I tend to go for the first cause. I think we had an article before that described the problems with mega-fired gun barrels.

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