A Lesson to Leaders of the Free World

I come across this short video tonight, and it is 100% true. This video needs to be sent to all the appeasers and other arseholes that think we can negotiate with the terrorist state.


  1. And sadly things went downhill after he left office. He understood exactly what (his term); the empire of evil was and how to respond.
    He was lucky that he had someone (at least at the time) who was, as his friend Margaret Thatcher said: “a person with whom we can do business”; Gorbachev.
    His successor; Bush 1, made the disastrous “chicken Kiev” (spelling at the time) speech and things went from bad to worse.
    When the GOP presented POTUS candidates that took a similar, principled view, such as John McCain and Mitt Romney, they were defeated each time by crypto-Marxist trash Obama.
    The GOP does again have some decent potential candidates, like Rubio, Haley, Graham etc, but they are making little headway at present.

  2. Thanks for sharing, foccusser. How great it would be to have a Ronald Reagan in the White House right now.

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