The Russians have only one direction where they can attack: AFU Block 10,000 Strong Russian Force Grouping

May 18, 2023 – Translated from Ukrainian via Google and OFP

If you look at the topographic map, then the Armed Forces are advancing to the highest points above Bakhmut. The city itself resembles an amphitheater, because it is located in a lowland and surrounded by heights.

Military expert, reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, pilot-instructor Roman Svitan commented on this in his daily operational report on Channel 24.

What is the situation in Bakhmut

The military expert said that the main task of the Armed Forces now is to go over the heights and into the depth of the occupied territory, as well as drag the Russians, who are in Bakhmut, into the “cauldron”.

I can already see that one of the correct decisions will be to withdraw from Bakhmut and drag the Russians almost to Chasiv Yar, so that they go deeper into this “cauldron”. And further on the heights to close this whole Russian group, which numbers approximately 10 thousand, half of which is “Wagner”, said Roman Svitan.

In his opinion, based on the strength and means, we could make such a trap that would resemble a “mouse trap”. The military expert noted that Syrsky was right in this regard – it is necessary to stuff these rats into the mousetrap, and then close it.

Possible “mouse trap” for Russians / Screenshot from the video

Where a Russian offensive is possible

Roman Svitan noted that the Russians have only one direction left where they can really advance – this is the Luhansk front.

“The strategic task of the enemy in this direction is to go from Valuyki to Kupyansk and then along the Oskil reservoir to Liman. Valuyki, Kupyansk, Liman is one direction,” explained the military expert.

Desired direction of Russians / Screenshot from the video

According to him, the second direction is from Kreminnaya to Liman and along the Siversky Dinets. The Russians want to try to squeeze our troops out of this triangle created by the rivers Oskil and Siverskyi Donets. After that, the enemy plans to go into blind defense.

Why carry out strikes on Mykolayiv

The military expert noted that now Putin has a very big problem – he is withdrawing from the grain agreement. The dictator wanted a lot – to pump his ammonia through Ukraine so that we could ship it. He also hoped to increase the quotas for the supply of grain products – the same fertilizers. In addition, he needs to connect several banks to SWIFT.

“This is blackmail in its purest form. He is hitting Mykolaiv and Odesa. That is, he is specifically hitting the port cities. This is blackmail, but there are, of course, elements of genocide,” concluded Svitan.

The latest news about Russia’s war against Ukraine

  • Over the past month, the Russian occupiers have increased shelling of the border regions . This applies to the Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Sumy regions. Russia is waging a war without rules. In addition, terrorists systematically violate the norms of international humanitarian law.
  • The presence of the Russians on the Kakhovskaya dam can pose a significant threat, the water level has now risen to critically high levels, while at the beginning of the year it was critically low. The occupiers are improperly adjusting the sluice gates on the dam.
  • The first chairman of the Mejlis announced that the return of Crimea to Ukraine is possible only by military means. Dzhemilev also added that the Crimean Tatars are waiting for the arrival of the Armed Forces.

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  1. I hope that the AFU has bigger plans in store than what Svitan is talking about.
    However, if this idea should be carried out as Svitan illustrated, this would indeed trap thousands of cockroaches. Perhaps the AFU will “go with the flow” as this battle in the Bakhmut sector develops and will take any advantages that happen to come along.

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