Norway will give up to 8 M-270 MLRS to Ukraine and will step up training Ukrainian soldiers

18 MAY 2023

Norway’s Defence Minister Bjørn Arild Gram announced additional military aid for Ukraine on Thursday, 18 May, saying that Norway will also step up its participation in training Ukrainian military personnel in the UK.

Source: Bjørn Arild Gram during a press conference with UK Defence Minister Ben Wallace

Details: Norway’s Defence Minister said that Norway provides military assistance to Ukraine through the UK-led International Fund for Ukraine and through Operation Interflex, a UK-led training programme for Ukrainian recruits.

“Norway is a substantial contributor to the Fund and we also contribute to the training of Ukrainian soldiers, both here in the United Kingdom and in Norway. From the summer, Norway will double our number of instructors in Operation Interflex,” he announced.

Gram also said that Norway will give Ukraine additional long-range artillery systems and radars.

“Norway [is providing] three Arthur artillery location radars and up to eight long-range rocket artillery [systems], MLRS type. These donations are made in close collaboration with the United Kingdom,” he said.

Like the US-made HIMARS systems, M-270 multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS) can strike targets up to 80 kilometres away. Ukraine received several shipments of MLRS from the UK last year.

Background: In March, the Norwegian Armed Forces announced the delivery of eight Leopard 2 tanks and four support vehicles to Ukraine.

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  1. All these weapon contributions are piling up nicely now. No wonder Putler is looking for any leaders of shithole countries to “negotiate” a peace deal. All hell will soon break loose on the scum. Talking of hell, the latest useful idiot to try his luck, is the Pope, who is due to meet Putler and Zelensky.

      • I think President Zelensky needs to kiss ass until he doesn’t need to kiss ass. Hopefully that will be soon

        • But, why kiss this ass? This ass has no weapons, and this ass never gives a dime to Ukraine, even for humanitarian aid.

          • I guess and only guessing you don’t want to piss off the world’s Catholic population, even if it could be just a few. Personally I’d give him a kick in the ass

      • President Zelensky asked for the Pope’s help in the repatriation of Ukrainian children taken by Russians. If the Pope can help recover the kidnapped children, it’s worthwhile talking to him.

        • I could possibly see this as a viable option if the runt were Catholic and if he believed in God.

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