Lukashenko called statements about the Ukrainian counter-offensive disinformation

Evgenia Sokolenko13:07, 18.05.23

According to him, he sees what is happening “behind the fence.”

Self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko claims claims of a Ukrainian counteroffensive are disinformation.

He stated this at a meeting on May 18 with participants in the meeting of the Council of the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly, BelTA informs .

“Before accusing us of confrontation, the expansion of this conflict, we must return to the negotiating table. Take the wrong document (which was developed at the initial stage in the course of several rounds of Russian-Ukrainian negotiations. – Approx. BelTA) – a new one. In order to stop the war. Many now say: “Counterattack, counterattack!” – Said the politician.

For some reason, he remembered the Battle of Kursk and stated that then they managed to “successfully misinform the enemy and win this battle.”

“But, I must say, the biggest misinformation is this “counter-offensive”. From my point of view, there is no and cannot be any “counter-offensive”. “No, we need to escalate, we need to cheat the Ukrainians in order to continue and drown us in this confrontation. This is the essence of today at the front. We see it. It’s right behind our fence,” Lukashenka says.

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