Israel sells rocket artillery system to the Netherlands – The Jerusalem Post

Anastasia Gorbacheva12:46, 05/18/23

The Defense Ministries of Israel and the Netherlands announced that they have signed the first intergovernmental agreement on the export of defense goods worth $305 million. We are talking about the supply to the Netherlands of Elbit’s PULS rocket and artillery systems (Precision and Universal Launch System).

The Jerusalem Post writes that this new five-year deal comes in the second year of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and more and more EU countries are looking to Israel to bolster their defense capabilities amid potential future threats from Moscow.

Germany is also on its way to acquiring a number of new defense systems from Israel, and other countries are also in various negotiations.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said: “The Israeli defense establishment continues to be a source of national pride and international success for the State of Israel. Defense solutions developed by the Israeli defense industry allow us to strengthen our ties with countries around the world, as well as strengthen Israel’s global position.”

The deal was signed by the Director General of the Ministry of Defense, Major General (retired) Eyal Zamir and Director of the International Defense Cooperation Administration (SIBAT) Brig. General Yair Kulas and, from the Dutch side, the commander of the Royal Netherlands Army, Lieutenant General M.Kh. Martin Weinen MMAS.

As part of the contract, Elbit Systems will supply 20 PULS artillery missile systems integrated into the cargo platform selected by COMMIT, as well as rockets of various ranges and training and support services, the ministry said in a statement.

In addition, the ministry said that PULS “provides a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that supports the launch of both free-cruise missiles, precision-guided missiles, and missiles with a range of 12 km to 300 km. The PULS launcher is a fully adaptable launch system and can be installed on a wide range of wheeled and tracked platforms, providing a significant reduction in maintenance and training costs for legacy fleets.”

Bejalel (Butzi) Mahlis, President and CEO of Elbit Systems, said: “The acquisition of the PULS solution from Elbit Systems will enhance the ability of the Royal Netherlands Army to provide effective indirect fire support. It will also ensure interoperability with NATO customers who have purchased these systems. This The contract reaffirms the advanced military technology of Elbit Systems and our strong partnerships with NATO countries across Europe.”

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  1. This is sick.
    I was literally thinking: why isn’t the Dutch army replacing the systems it gave to Ukraine as we have no long range artillery anymore and no tanks. We have nothing left but infantry and some APC’s.

    Just when I was thinking about it I saw this article :p

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