Igor Grosu: The Republic of Moldova is withdrawing from the CIS

The Republic of Moldova withdraws from the Agreement on the Interparliamentary Assembly of the Community of Independent States (CIS). This was announced on Monday by the Parliament Speaker, Igor Grosu.

After 30 years, it became very clear that the inclusion of the Republic of Moldova in the structures of the CIS did not help us to resolve the Transnistrian conflict, did not help us to remove the Russian army from the territory of the Republic of Moldova, did not protect us from economic embargoes in the more complicated times. Being in the CIS did not protect us from energy blackmail in the middle of winter, threats and official statements hostile to the independence and sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova. Being in the CIS did not protect member countries from military attacks, war and illegal occupation of sovereign territories. After a CIS founding country, the Russian Federation, barbarically attacked another founding state, Ukraine, occupying its territories and killing its citizens, this organization can no longer be called a community,” Igor Grosu said.

The Parliament Speaker reminded that Ukraine has left this organization, which makes us geographically separated from the CIS member countries.

*”According to the procedures, during the next meeting of the Parliament’s Standing Bureau, I will submit the proposal to make an approach to the Prime Minister Dorin Recean with the request to prepare the legislative initiative regarding the denunciation of the Convention regarding the Inter-parliamentary Assembly of the CIS states of 17.03. 1998, published in the Official Gazette on 04.02.1998. Later, when it reaches the Parliament, we will vote to denounce the agreement”, declared Igor Grosu.

The Parliament Speaker said that this is the first step, following which, gradually, all the agreements signed by the Republic of Moldova within the CIS will be evaluated and, at the right time, other decisions and declarations will be made.

“My message to our citizens is simple. The Republic of Moldova is an independent country, recognized, respected by friends and neighbors, free to make sovereign decisions. We have the determination and the responsibility to move away from the source of evil, from the source of poverty, from the source of war and destruction. We have prooved in 30 years that we want democracy, freedom and prosperity at home. We are doing step by step what the citizens expect from us, we are ensuring our children a stable, prosperous and full of opportunities, a European future”, said Igor Grosu.



  1. This is a good decision, and long overdue.
    Now we can watch the rats in the Kremlin boiling with anger. This is always a fun thing to do.

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