City Council renamed three metro stations and dozens of streets: what names appeared

Inna Andalitskaya19:46, 18.05.23

The Ukrainian capital is being cleared of signs of centuries of colonization.

The Kyiv City Council has renamed three stations of the capital’s metro: Druzhby Narodiv will now be Zverynetska, Lev Tolstoy Square – Ukrainian Heroes Square, and the project station, which is currently under construction, Prospekt Pravdy, will be called Varshavskaya.

Relevant decisions were made today at the plenary session of the city council session. The new names were supported by the majority of the deputies.

In addition, as part of de-Russification, more than two dozen streets and lanes of the capital received new names. Now Petrovskaya alley in the Pechersky district of Kyiv will be called the alley of Magdeburg law. Krasnotkatskaya Street in Desnyansky and Dneprovsky districts is now Winston Churchill Street.

In the Shevchenko district, Orlovsky lane was renamed George Orwell lane. 

Renamed in Goloseevsky District:

  • General Matykin street to Koncha-Zaspinskaya street;
  • Rzhevsky Lane – to Stanislav Lem Lane;
  • Volodya Dubinin street – to Ray Bradbury street;
  • Levitan Lane – to Nikolay Burachek Lane;
  • Proletarskaya Street and Proletarsky Lane – to Natalia Lototskaya Street and Natalia Lototskaya Lane, respectively;
  • Maria Borovichenko street – to Vera Gedroits street.

Yury Smolich Street in Goloseevsky and Solomensky districts will now bear the name of Dokia Humennaya. In the Desnyansky district, Matrosov Street was named Afanasy Zalivakha Street; Nekrasov street – Zinaida Tulub street.

In the Darnitsky district of the city, the following were renamed:

  • Volgo-Donskoy lane – to the lane of hope Svetlichnaya; 
  • Suvorov Lane – to Nina Strokata Lane;
  • Chkalov street – to Sergei Svetoslavsky street;
  • 5th Lermontov lane in the Darnitsky district – to Dmitry Tsvitkovsky lane.

In the Dniprovsky district, new names are now near Academician Butlerov and Stanyukovich streets – now these are Robert Lisovsky and Lyubov Malaya streets, respectively.

In the Svyatoshinsky district, Kulibina lane was renamed into Antonina Smereka lane; Richard Sorge street – to Vasily Eroshenko street; Chervonozavodsky lane – to Anatoly Bazilevich lane.

Alexander Pirogovsky Street in the Solomensky district will henceforth bear the name of Grigory Kochur.

According to the City Council, a total of 314 city objects have already been renamed in the capital.

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