“They abandoned their own”: a captured “Wagnerian” spoke about the “meat grinder” near Bakhmut (video)

Antonina Dolomanzhi21:06, 17.05.23

The losses of PMC “Wagner” are very large, said the captured mercenary.

The Ukrainian Defense Forces near Bakhmut captured one of the fighters from the PMC “Wagner”, who spoke about the significant losses of militants, the “meat grinder” at the front and executions for failure to comply with the order.

The video of the interrogation of the prisoner was published by the commander of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel-General Alexander Syrsky. The “Wagnerian” said that his name is Denis Vatrushev, he is from the Khanty-Mansiysk Okrug, he is 39 years old, and his wife is from Maryinka, which the Russian invaders almost razed to the ground.

According to him, in December 2022, he was recruited into the Wagner PMC from prison, where he was serving a sentence for premeditated murder. According to Vatrushev, he was promised that he would stand at checkpoints, and in 6 months he would be able to be free. Instead, they had to deal with the evacuation of the wounded from the battlefield.

He said that he lay wounded in a trench for four days and waited for evacuation, but was taken prisoner. “They abandoned me… they abandoned my own people… Their damn evacuation doesn’t work…”, the captive “Wagnerian” emphasized.

The Russian also spoke about the large number of dead “Wagnerites”, problems with food among the “Wagnerites” and executions for failure to comply with the order.

“If you do not follow the order, then the commander … simply “zeroes” you – shoots you, a bullet in the head … The losses in the Wagner are very large. There is a trench – they call it the “trench of death.” There is a corpse on the corpse … 300-400 people… On the way, even “200s” are not taken out, they cannot be taken out…, there is almost no evacuation…”, he added.

Captured “Wagnerian” spoke about the significant losses of militants and the “meat grinder” near BakhmutPoloneny “wagner” spoke about the meaning of spending the fighters and the “meat grinder” under Bakhmut

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  1. I can’t seem to produce any sort of compassion for these cretins. They could just as easily shoot their commanders if they are unwilling to fight. But, there is no honor and no courage. There are only drugged up, drunk meat puppets, like 70 years ago, when another monster shoved meat logs into a giant grinder by the millions.

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