The Russians welded an ancient anti-aircraft gun on a 1945 tank (photo)

Yuri Kobzar20:42, 05/17/23

The aggressor country continues to amaze with strange armored monsters from a parallel universe.

The Russian invaders distinguished themselves by creating another ridiculous armored monster , designed to alleviate the problem of a shortage of modern weapons. Thus, a T-54 tank with a 57-mm S-60 anti-aircraft gun mounted on it was seen at the front.

A photo of this ridiculous creation was published by military expert Alexander Kovalenko . The picture shows that the turret was removed from the T-54 tank (produced from 1945 to 1974) and a platform with an S-60 anti-aircraft gun (produced in 1950-57) was mounted in its place.

In fairness, it should be noted that in the 1950s, the USSR actually produced a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun based on the T-54 with the same 57-mm anti-aircraft guns – the ZSU-57-2. But a twin (double-barreled) gun was used there, additionally protected by a semi-open armored turret. But the presented photo shows an obvious homemade product with one gun and no armored shield.  

Russian armored monsters at the front

Earlier at the front, it was already noticed more than once how the Russians are trying to mold tank “Frankensteins” from types of weapons that are clearly incompatible with each other in order to somehow compensate for the lack of normal equipment. For example, the Russians are molding naval guns onto Soviet tractors of the 69th year .

And before that, everyone was amused by the lightly armored MTLB armored personnel carrier , on which they installed a huge tower, again with a ship’s anti-aircraft gun.

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