Patriot sustained minimal damage, no need to evacuate for repairs – CNN

Yuri Kobzar17:29, 05/17/23

Repair of the damaged Patriot installation can be carried out in the field, sources say.

The Patriot anti-aircraft missile launcher, which participated in repelling a Russian missile attack on Kiev on the night of May 16, received minimal damage. This was reported by three US officials to CNN on condition of confidentiality. 

“The US sent inspectors to check the system on Tuesday after the Ukrainians said the system appeared to be damaged,” one official said.

Sources said that the anti-aircraft missile system is still in working order, and the radar component, i.e. the most complex and valuable part of the complex was not damaged at all. The interlocutors of the publication assure that it is not necessary to remove the injured Patriot from combat duty for repairs.

It is noted that a complete Patriot battery consists of six main components – generators, radar, control station, antenna, launchers and interceptor missiles. The components work together, but they can be spaced out in the field at some distance from each other. Which component was affected has not yet been disclosed.

Damage to the Patriot air defense system in Kyiv – what is known

On the night of May 16, the Russian invaders massively attacked Kyiv with several types of missiles, including six Kinzhals. The Ukrainian military claimed to have intercepted all Russian missiles, including “unbreakable” Kinzhals. 

The Russian Ministry of Defense, in the usual manner, reported on the successful defeat of all targets in this attack. Including it was announced the destruction of the Patriot complex. The American edition of CNN later reported that the Patriot did receive damage, although it was not destroyed.

Today, a number of Western publications wrote that the air defense installation received minor damage that does not interfere with its work. The same information was confirmed in the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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  1. Putin has spend 120 million dollars with all his weapons to make a few metal scratches on the Patriot system. But please move it asap to another position.

    • Also I hope they nail the assholes who decided to take and post pictures of our air defenses. It’s unconscionable that any citizens of Ukraine could be so stupid.

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