Offensive Near Soledar: Russians Forced To Flee

The AFU has knocked out the Russian troops from their most challenging position.


Ukrainian defenders are actively confronting the Russian occupiers and recapturing captured positions every day.

This is evidenced by a video published on the Facebook page of OC East. The military showed how they repulsed an important position from the occupiers near Soledar in Donetsk Region.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces showed the occupiers “hell” in the Soledar-Siversk section. They managed to capture the Cyclops position and the enemy was forced to flee.

The enemy losses were inflicted by the assault group of K-2 battalion of 54 SMBr. It knocked the enemy out of the wood-earthed firing post.

“The Cyclops position has been taken under the control of the battalion. The occupants have been forced to flee. You can now see the number of the enemy that the battalion fighters faced in combat. Seven more Russian occupants are left forever in the wood-earthed firing post itself. That is their fate – to die or flee,” the report said.

As the fighters noted, these were fights for the most distant and most difficult position for the AFU.

“We are working with mortars, AGS and small arms, as the terrain does not allow artillery to work effectively,” the Defence Forces said.


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