Night strike on Nikolaev: it became known where the Russian “Caliber” hit (photo, video)

Yana Stavskaya07:34, 05/17/23

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The fires were quickly extinguished by rescuers.

During a night rocket attack on Nikolaev, Russian troops hit civilian facilities and one industrial infrastructure facility, the press service of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine reports.

As a result of the hit of ammunition and their fragments, a car dealership, a shopping center, as well as a building at an industrial infrastructure facility were partially destroyed.

Separately, the head of the Nikolaev OVA, Vitaly Kim, shared a photo of the premises damaged by missiles. “And yes, 1 out of 4” ultra-modern analogue rockets of a fresh batch “does not explode or does not reach – this is the Russian standard now. Buy Russian weapons: we give a 75% guarantee that it will work,” Kim trolled the invaders .

The State Emergency Service reports a fire at the impact site, the fires were quickly extinguished by rescuers.

Photo: Vitaly Kim 
Photo: Vitaly Kim 

In total, 13 units of special equipment and 64 rescuers were involved in the elimination of the consequences of enemy shelling.

photo: State Emergency Service in the Nikolaev region
photo: State Emergency Service in the Nikolaev region

UPDATED 7:40 AM . According to the Nikolaev OVA, as a result of the Russian attack on Nikolaev, private houses and shops were damaged by a blast wave.

During the day, on May 16, 2023, the invaders launched several artillery strikes on Ochakov and the coastline of the Ochakov community. In Pervomaisky, Voznesensky and Bashtansky districts, the day and night passed relatively calmly.

Night strike on NikolaevNight strike on Nikolaev

The blow to Nikolaev and other cities is the main thing

On the evening of May 16, an air alert was announced in a number of regions of Ukraine. During the alarm  explosions thundered in Nikolaev.  According to the mayor of the city, the attacks provoked a fire. The fire at one facility was localized, one victim is known.

The General Staff specified in the morning that civilian infrastructure was hit by two Kalibr missiles. In addition, two missiles from the S-300 of the Russian Federation struck at the civilian infrastructure of Konstantinovka in the Donetsk region.

Also during the day, the invaders launched 57 air strikes and carried out 96 shelling from multiple launch rocket systems at the positions of our troops and settlements.

The likelihood of further missile and air strikes throughout Ukraine remains high.

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