Germany has no plans to participate in the “coalition of fighters”: Scholz explained the reason

Ekaterina Girnyk15:27, 05/17/23

Scholz stressed that Germany is concentrating on the supply of tanks, ammunition and air defense for Ukraine.

Germany does not yet intend to join the coalition for the supply of Western fighters to Ukraine. According to Tagesshau , this was stated by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, noting that the air defense of Ukraine currently has priority.

In particular, answering the question whether Germany would participate in the planned international “coalition of fighters”, the chancellor replied that “the question is not so urgent.”

Scholz said Germany is focusing on tanks, ammunition, building a “functional repair system” and air defense. He stressed that these things are “very important” to Ukraine’s ability to defend itself and Germany has already made further commitments in these areas.

He also said that no one is putting pressure on Germany in discussions about the supply of fighter jets to Ukraine.

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    • I think you’re right Bert but I would prefer if he didn’t say anything as his response only raises the issue of who is in the coalition and is it formidable enough.

    • Neither does the UK, but Germany has finally woken up to the russian threat and responded surprisingly well.

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