Borrell proposes to increase EU fund to help Ukraine with weapons – Reuters

Oleg Davygora23:52, 05/17/23

Borrell decided to ask for an increase in the fund’s funding because his current funds were running out.

The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, proposed to increase the fund for military

assistance to Ukraine by 3.5 billion euros.

According to Reuters, citing sources in the EU, Borrell suggested that the governments of the bloc invest more in the so-called “European Peace Fund”, which has already allocated about 4.6 billion euros for military assistance to Ukraine.

“We must replenish it. The essence of the European Peace Fund is universal. It was not conceived for Ukraine. It was conceived for any conflict that the European Union may deal with,” the anonymous source said. 

European Peace Foundation – details

Earlier, Hungary blocked the payment of the eighth tranche of the European Peace Fund (EPF) for weapons destined for Ukraine. It is noted that the amount of the tranche is 500 million euros, and it was supposed to be paid next Monday. 

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