Germany won’t play active role in fighter coalition for Ukraine – Pistorius

Alexander Topchy17:16, 05/17/23

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At the same time, the Bundeswehr noted that Berlin positively perceives the Dutch-British attempts to create a coalition of fighters for Ukraine.

Germany will not yet  transfer fighter jets to Ukraine , since “the Bundeswehr has neither the capabilities nor the competencies here.”

This was stated by German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius after a meeting with British Defense Minister Ben Wallace, writes Bild .

According to him, the Bundeswehr “could not play an active role” in the aircraft coalition. “These are not issues that will be resolved in Berlin,” Pistorius stressed.

He noted that Germany is an expert in tanks and air defense, and will also focus on the supply of ammunition.

Meanwhile, an unnamed spokesman for the German Defense Ministry told Bild that Berlin welcomes the Dutch-British efforts to create a fighter jet coalition for Ukraine.

It is noted that the Ministry of Defense welcomes any initiatives that make it easier for Ukraine to organize defense. “However, it is now clear to the Bundeswehr that not a single aircraft from its own stocks will be made available for this purpose. Ukraine’s air defense is “a top priority,” writes Bild.

It is noted that Germany transfers the most modern anti-aircraft systems, and each country of the Alliance provides for assistance what it can do best.

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  1. Germany barely has any planes left that can do what they’re supposed to do … fly.

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