Ukraine officially joined the NATO Cyber ​​Defense Center (video)

Lesya Leshchenko16:47, 05/16/23

The flag of Ukraine was raised near the headquarters of the center in Tallinn today.

Ukraine has officially joined the NATO Joint Cyber ​​Defense Center of Excellence (CCDCOE).

This was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Twitter. “Today, the National Flag of Ukraine was officially raised at the headquarters of the NATO Joint Center of Excellence for Cyber ​​Defense in Tallinn,” the Foreign Ministry said.

As noted in the Foreign Ministry, this means the official accession of Ukraine to the center.

Accession of Ukraine to CCDCOE

Ukraine applied to join the center in August 2021. In early March 2022, representatives of 27 NATO member states decided to grant Ukraine the status of a NATO CCDCOE member state.

Earlier, Hungary blocked Ukraine’s entry into the NATO Joint Cyber ​​Defense Center of Excellence  .

Raising the Ukrainian flag at the NATO Cyber ​​Center in TallinnRaising the Ukrainian flag at the NATO Cyber ​​Center in Tallinn

What is CCDCOE

It is one of NATO’s centers providing cyber-attack counteraction and cyber defense of information systems, as well as education and training of NATO cyber defense specialists. Now the center has 20 participants – 17 NATO members and three partner countries.

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