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May 16

After the russian invaders have been driven from all of Ukraine there will be an enormous amount of reconstruction required. Estimates vary between $600 Billion and $900 Billion to rebuild homes, businesses, hospitals, schools, places of worship and infrastructure. To rebuild innocent people’s lives.

We (genuinely democratic countries) have started to seize the assets of russian oligarchs and it is time to seize and sell-off all the russian embassies.

We do not allow other terrorist organisations to have operational bases in our countries, so why should we allow the terrorist state of russia to do so? There is nothing genuinely diplomatic about their activities, just spy-bases and where they store Novichok.

The embassies are situated in prestigious areas and would generate huge amounts of money for the rebuilding of Ukraine.

If a few embassies are rented, terminating those rental agreements still sends an important moral message.

If russia was ever to fully reform and become a genuine democracy, they can rent (but never purchase again) new embassies in the future.

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  1. A good idea. There are many ways to make mafia land and its wealthy minions foot the bill for Ukraine, if there was only the will to do so!

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