Russia takes abducted Ukrainian children to Dagestan and Krasnodar Territory

Artem Budrin04:51, 05/16/23

Other territories of the Russian Federation also accept deported minors from Ukraine.

The Russian Federation continues to abduct Ukrainian children . According to the ex-Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights Mykola Kuleba for Espresso , the occupiers forcibly deport minors, including to Dagestan.

“Russia is committing genocide against Ukrainian children. Occupiers kidnap and forcibly deport our children. The invaders continue to massively export Ukrainian children from the occupied territories to the territory of the Russian Federation. Families are informed that children are being taken to remote cities of the Kherson region and to Crimea. But there is information that the children were taken to Dagestan and the Krasnodar Territory,” Kuleba said.

The occupiers carry out the deportation of children in large volumes. Among the methods of use is playing on the panic of residents in the temporarily occupied territories and establishing their own rules in these territories. The goal is the destruction of Ukrainian identity.

“We are talking about hundreds and thousands of Ukrainian children from the occupied territories. Under the pretext of a counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russians are trying to take Ukrainian children to the territory of the Russian Federation as much as possible. Russification. The strategy of the Russians is working to destroy Ukrainian identity,” Kuleba stressed.

Deportation of Ukrainian children by Russians: it is worth knowing

Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Dmitry Lubinets said that the UN can not only express concern about Russia’s actions to deport Ukrainian children, but also act to prevent this from happening again. Ukraine wants the organization to create an effective mechanism to prevent such actions by Russia.

In early May, the OSCE proved the deportation of Ukrainian children by the invaders. The corresponding report refers to Russia’s clear violations of people’s rights.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky during his recent visit to the Vatican called on the Pope to help with the return of kidnapped Ukrainian children. The head of state focused on this problem in a conversation with the pontiff.

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  1. Jesus Christ in heaven!
    This is devilry.
    A thousand curses on all western politicians and opinion-formers who continue to shill for a nazi genocide regime.
    Ukraine now has no choice but to occupy Belgorod in order to get their children back.

  2. Mafia land is the kidnap capital of the world. All nations combined don’t have such massive numbers of stolen children.

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